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IFS Applications is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that helps businesses to integrate data and processes across multiple departments and locations. It offers various modules to users for asset management, project management, supply chain management and more.

IFS Applications helps users to manage end-to-end asset lifecycle within a large enterprise. The solution also offers users capabilities for financial, human resource, document management, CRM.business intelligence and reporting operations. The solution holds its applications in a wide range of industries including, construction, engineering, oil and gas drilling, aerospace and manufacturing.

The user interface of IFS Applications helps users to organize tasks, roles and mimics navigational conventions found on the web. Individual users can customize their work environment to make the solution adapt to their job role. It also supports integration with Microsoft Office and various other productivity tools

Services are offered after a one-time fee on a per-user basis. Support is offered via phone and email.


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  • IFS ERP Construction - Craft
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    Sub-contract manager
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    Risk management
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    Project control
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