Plandek hilft Unternehmen, mit Kennzahlen und Analysen, die tiefe Einblicke in den Softwarebereitstellungsprozess bieten, bessere Software zu entwickeln. Dank einfacher Einrichtung kannst du sofort loslegen und wertvolle... Mehr erfahren

Buildkite is an automated testing solution, which enables businesses to securely run continuous integration (CI) pipelines. Administrators can configure access permissions for team members and gain visibility into engineering... Mehr erfahren

Argon’s first-to-market holistic security solution protects the integrity of software development environments’ CI/CD pipelines, eliminating risks from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and preventing major scale software... Mehr erfahren

Harness is a CDaaS software designed to help DevOps teams automate and streamline continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and cloud cost management operations. Administrators can utilize the application to automatically test... Mehr erfahren