opConfig ist eine Konfigurationsmanagementlösung, mit der Unternehmen Prozesse im Zusammenhang mit Risikomanagement, Compliance-Tracking, Notfallwiederherstellung, Fehlerbehebung und mehr von einer einheitlichen Plattform aus... Mehr erfahren

PDMPlus is a web-based configuration management software designed to help businesses track and report on the status of fielded assets across the product lifecycle. Key features include change management, cost tracking, compliance... Mehr erfahren

CFEngine is a cloud-based configuration management solution designed to help businesses control IT infrastructure and automatically release updates across endpoints while ensuring compliance. Features include event logs, file... Mehr erfahren

Eliminate friction and automate instantly. Resolve Actions Express SaaS Edition has nothing to download and no infrastructure to set up, so our customers can spend time on creating value for their business. Actions Express SaaS... Mehr erfahren

Split provides a feature delivery platform that helps companies embrace impact-driven development across their engineering teams. It pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every... Mehr erfahren

Rudder is an open-source configuration management solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to auditing, remediation, vulnerability tracking and more from within a unified platform. Administrators can set up... Mehr erfahren