RecVue is a cloud-based monetization solution that assists business owners to manage their hybrid subscriptions and revenue. It caters to industries such as online payments, digital marketing and health care. Key features include... Mehr erfahren

PriceWise ist eine End-to-End-Lösung, die entwickelt wurde, um Unternehmen bei der Verwaltung von Preis- und Rabattprogrammen für die Kundenwerbung, Vertragsverfolgung und automatisierte Kundenauszahlungen zu unterstützen. ... Mehr erfahren

Imprice is a SaaS platform, which assists online and offline retailers with pricing automation using AI-powered tools. The solution enables professionals to set up any pricing strategy by combining competitive pricing with... Mehr erfahren

PexaQuote is a price reference platform providing European market based prices for PPA contracts in 17 markets and growing. Pexaquote presents clear pricing benchmarks for European wind and solar contracts across multiple... Mehr erfahren

Maximize your sales potential by using the Pricloop AI. Priceloop's data-driven pricing engine detects overstock and stock shortages and adjusts the prices automatically. The super-intuitive dashboard allows you to adjust your... Mehr erfahren


Eva is a repricing software that uses AI at dynamic repricing. Eva is a profit velocity platform for Amazon sellers that reprices and restocks products. Eva's brand pricing management establishes the optimum price for tomorrow... Mehr erfahren

KLIKER is a web-based app serving market intelligence data in real-time, through one screen. Raw data is collected, analysed and structured through relevant KPIs that can be used for brand management, channel coverage monitoring... Mehr erfahren