Venly is a blockchain technology provider that creates tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology. We provide a complete technology stack to bring brands, apps, games and platforms into Web3. We help... Mehr erfahren

Staked is a web-based solution that helps investors securely compound cryptocurrency investments through lending and staking. It enables professionals to store, manage and lend cryptocurrencies, generate custom reports and... Mehr erfahren

Shrimpy is a centralized cryptocurrency platform designed to help users manage their entire crypto portfolio. With Shrimpy, users can easily link exchanges and wallets in one place. Shrimpy can monitor crypto markets and track... Mehr erfahren

Krypto promotes widespread acceptance of crypto as an investment asset by providing a highly secure platform to buy, send, and sell cryptocurrencies. It encourages crypto usage and drives individuals towards decentralization by... Mehr erfahren

Built for both security and functionality, this NFT creation, distribution and integration solution allows users to send them via QR codes or email, manage inventory in-game, create unlimited asset types and much more. Enjin is a... Mehr erfahren

WhiteBIT is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, with over 3 million users worldwide, over 350 trading pairs, and a maximum daily trading volume of $2.5B. It provides spot, margin, and futures trading with an adjustable... Mehr erfahren

The CoinsDo wallet is a high-quality cryptocurrency wallet that supports an unlimited number of tokens and more than 24 distinct blockchains. Users can build a variety of wallets, including testnet and mainnet wallets, thanks to... Mehr erfahren