StackRox is a Kubernetes and container security platform, which helps businesses and government agencies protect cloud applications and manage processes related to network segmentation, incident response and more. The platform... Mehr erfahren

OpenShift von Red Hat ist eine Kubernetes-Container-Plattform, die Unternehmen bei der Verwaltung von Anwendungsentwicklungen und Bereitstellungsprozessen unterstützt. IT-Betreiber können auf einem zentralen Dashboard Einblicke... Mehr erfahren

Anchore is a container security solution that helps DevOps teams scan and analyze software containers for vulnerabilities and ensure security through action plans, policy-based compliance and API-based automation. Administrators... Mehr erfahren

Sysdig is driving the secure DevOps movement, empowering organizations to confidently secure containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. With Sysdig, teams secure the build, detect and respond to threats, continuously validate cloud... Mehr erfahren

Argon’s first-to-market holistic security solution protects the integrity of software development environments’ CI/CD pipelines, eliminating risks from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and preventing major scale software... Mehr erfahren