Sayduck online platform enables product visualization in 3D & Augmented Reality for eCommerce businesses. It allows to easily create, manage, publish and showcase products with variants or configurations online. It gives users... Mehr erfahren

EasyTry is hyper-personalization and customer engagement software that creates a virtual fitting experience in eCommerce stores. EasyTry virtual try-on enables online shoppers with Try Before Buy functionality with just 1 photo... Mehr erfahren

Enklu is an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solution, which enables businesses to create, share and manage 3D simulations, spatial concepts, applications and data for training, design and storytelling experiences. The... Mehr erfahren

Atheer is an AR-powered front-line worker platform that improves the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing front line teams. Atheer helps in digitizing manufacturing front line processes, checklists, sop's, guides and... Mehr erfahren

See everything, everyone, everywhere in 3D. Transition from 30ft - 30,000 ft digital twin of an enterprise. Integrate across siloed software with 3D integrated command and control center. Replace charts and tables into interactive... Mehr erfahren

LookiAR allows businesses to offer augmented reality experiences across websites or eCommerce stores. You can integrate your 3D models into the main ecommerce platforms to provide a realistic shopping experience to the buyers. It... Mehr erfahren

SuprXR offers unity 3D, augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, WebAR, 3D modeling, game development and game design. Technical skills include - Engines: Unity 3D - Virtual Reality: HTC Vive, Oculus DK2, Gear VR, Google... Mehr erfahren

The software offers interior design teams an extensive asset library with numerous design fixtures, including lighting, furniture, and decor pieces. Coohom allows users to design room spaces efficiently using drag-and-drop... Mehr erfahren

Simplify fieldwork, reduce errors and delays, gain new efficiencies and improve safety by using a high-accuracy AR solution from vGIS. vGIS uses spatial data including BIM, GIS or reality capture and overlays the data in... Mehr erfahren