Immuta is designed to help data teams deliver automated access and privacy controls for safely analyzing sensitive data in the cloud. It helps businesses improve the collaboration between data and compliance teams to streamline... Mehr erfahren

Alation hat auf dem Markt für Datenkataloge Pionierarbeit geleistet und führt nun seine Weiterentwicklung in Richtung einer Plattform für eine breite Palette von Datenintelligenzlösungen, darunter Datensuche und -erkennung, Data... Mehr erfahren

GRAX is a cloud-based data governance solution, which enables businesses in hospitality, travel, retail, manufacturing and other sectors to manage and track historical data cloud application data. The system allows organizations... Mehr erfahren

EnGlobe is a corporate compliance solution suitable for midsize and large businesses in a variety of industries. On-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. Key features include management tools for business contracts,... Mehr erfahren

Keepit is a backup platform that provides organizations with a private infrastructure to protect data across Microsoft 365 cloud platforms, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, Public Folders, and Groups. Mehr erfahren

Qostodian is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline data discovery, classification and access. Features include data flow monitoring, duplicate file detection, compliance management, user... Mehr erfahren

eLegere is a low-code platform that helps transform business processes and operational data into centralized digital assets. Created by Vesenda, it is a Smart Operational Process (SOP) management innovative solution to govern... Mehr erfahren


Avo takes the busywork out of analytics with a guided workflow that catches errors and syncs across your existing tools. Users can import tracking plans from a spreadsheet or from analytics tools. Avo works with existing data... Mehr erfahren

OvalEdge is a data governance software that provides businesses with tools to handle regulatory compliance, data analysis, and other processes. Using the application, supervisors can crawl organizations’ databases, ETL tools, BI... Mehr erfahren