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Istation is an on-premise and cloud-based eLearning tool that helps educational institutions conduct formative assessments for students and utilize Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP) to monitor the overall performance of... Mehr erfahren

eTutor is a cloud-based school, exam and learning management system, which helps government organizations and educational institutions streamline processes related to academic schedules, attendance tracking and more. Schools can... Mehr erfahren

From new startups to established enterprises, McQuaig helps companies searching for a comprehensive talent solution that improves hiring accuracy while also providing targeted development options. Using scientifically validated... Mehr erfahren

ProctorU is an assessment management software designed to help academic institutions detect and prevent cheating and content theft during online examinations. The platform enables teachers to verify participants’ identities, view... Mehr erfahren

TestOut is a cloud-based assessment solution, which enables educators to create exams or quizzes, track students' performance, manage classes and more. Its video player allows learners to adjust playback speed and skip to... Mehr erfahren