RecVue is a cloud-based monetization solution that assists business owners to manage their hybrid subscriptions and revenue. It caters to industries such as online payments, digital marketing and health care. Key features include... Mehr erfahren

Designed for video game companies, Xsolla is a global eCommerce platform that allows businesses to market, sell, connect games on one centralized platform. With Xsolla's business and transaction engine, businesses can monetize... Mehr erfahren

Valuein is a subscription management software that helps small to midsize businesses create and manage subscription models to monetize the services offered. It provides a Quote-CPQ module, which enables teams to create configurabl... Mehr erfahren

Recur360 built for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online as a recurring customer invoicing, payments and accounts receivable collections platform. It simplifies and automates the process of setting up recurring invoices for... Mehr erfahren

Emersion is a business automation solution that helps businesses process payments, manage customer engagement and handle subscription and recurring billing operations. Employees can use customizable templates to generate invoices... Mehr erfahren

Fakturia is a fully automated Recurring-Billing solution made in Germany. With Fakturia users can manage contracts easily and effectively. As a Subscription-Management-Software Fakturia takes care of sending emails and payment... Mehr erfahren


SAI Global i2i platform is a completely customizable, secure, cloud-based service covering all your Standards management needs. You can store, manage, retrieve and distribute industry Standards online with ease. With SAI... Mehr erfahren