Axy OKR built on Salesforce, is a goal-setting tool designed to assist organizations with managing business processes. It helps business units and teams align their objectives and key results towards company strategies and... Mehr erfahren

Spoom is a strategic planning and management software designed to help businesses analyze organizational performance using key performance indicators (KPIs). Professionals can gain insights into the objectives of team members and... Mehr erfahren

Amby is a cloud-based people alignment platform, built on goal-setting framework OKRs, which enables business and teams to set, manage and track objectives and key results (OKRs) across various company, team and individual... Mehr erfahren

OnePlan is an Adaptive Project Portfolio and Work Management (PPM) solution that solves the challenges PMOs face every day. Built to support Strategic Portfolio Planning and the management of Objectives and Key Results, it offers... Mehr erfahren

Performance management and talent development SaaS software that includes goal setting, employee accountability aided with work planning features, effective supervision via check-ins, employee feedback and talent reviews. The... Mehr erfahren