Experience Rhyme's (formerly PriorAuthNow) truly integrated prior authorization network that connects and enables intelligent collaboration between providers and payers. Our technology delivers coordinated payer connectivity and... Mehr erfahren

Gentem is a medical billing solution that helps businesses across the healthcare industry streamline revenue lifecycle management, patient history and invoicing operations. It allows medical clinics to manage payment cash flows,... Mehr erfahren

maxRTE provides healthcare facilities, medical clinics, and revenue cycle management / billing services companies with real-time health insurance discovery and verification software. This technology consistently finds unknown... Mehr erfahren

The software features an online platform where patients can ask for and receive financial estimates, saving time to get into contracts. It uses historical contract data to give accurate estimates. Additionally, PMMC lets... Mehr erfahren

Artemis is an OCR and NLP-based AI model, it takes data in the form of images, handwritten texts, pdf etc. and creates data in excel or any other form for further processing. NLP is key to shifting many legacy companies from... Mehr erfahren